Monday, May 7, 2012


Hello!! Ok so I have some pictures but don't have a way to get them onto the computer. I know! It's annoying. So next time I post I will definitely have pictures up. Patience....I have definitely learned a lot of that here. Our schedule Mon-Fri is:   1. wake up at 5
                                  2. go to orphanage and get kids dressed and ready for school
                                  3. take kids to school at 6:30 ish
                                  4. go back to house and eat breakfast
                                  5. do laundry and errands
                                  6. go back to orphanage at 3 to play with kids until dinner
                                  7. at 6 go eat dinner
                                  8. 7:30 go back to orphanage and put kids to bed
It is a crazy, long day to do lots of things. but the kids always want to snuggle with you and play. I find that if we haven't been to see them in like a day, that I miss them. Leaving is going to be so hard.
   We have been having some problems with the guy who there to discipline the children. His name is Prince and he is frequently on a rampage yelling and beating the kids. If he ever beats the kids in front of me, he is going to get it. I do not like him one bit. He stays in our volunteer home and at night you can hear him "having a good time" with other women. We have to talk to Eddy about it.
    This last weekend we ventured to Kokrobite Beach which is three hours away from Dodowa. We took a tro-tro, well many tro-tro's to get there and stayed in a nice hotel on the beach! It was so beautiful and we were able to see white people! I only had to pay 10 ghana cedis and 90 peswas for my stay! That is like 6 US dollars. It was wonderful. I got an awesome sunburn that hopefully will turn into a tan. The hotel we stayed in had a running shower and toilet!! Ha is was a nice little vacation. This weekend we are traveling to the Monkey Sanctuary and I can't wait!!
    We have older boys in the orphange who are the nicest boys I have ever met. They are always looking out for us. They walk us home and night and never let us carry anything. They always give us a chair and are so considerate. Ah! I love them with all my heart. Beauty and Godwin are the two youngest and they are characters. They sit and talk to each other in Twi back and forth and back and forth.
     Saturday night, that boys started playing the drums and got a really nice beat going. I started to dance with the little ones and then kinda broke out into my own dance. That is when everyone went wild. They wanted me to keep dancing and dancing. Even the olders girls and the old house mother came up to me all excited and shook my hand meaning they loved that I could do something that is part of their culture. Now everyone calls me the dancer. It was a good way to make the kids feel like they could relate to me. It warms my heart when I can get a sad kid to smile. Felix is like six or seven years old and is always in a depressive mood, but lately I have gotten him to smile. It is my goal to open him up and let him be happy. The best part is when I put him on my shoulders to take him to school. He will actually say things to me now! I want to take him home. Well I will write more later; the girls are waiting for me. We are going to the market! Pictures soon!!!


  1. Wow you are busy! I love hearing about the kids and your feelings for them! Dont stand up to much to Prince I dont want him mad at you or to harm you in anyway! Just be careful and smart! We are doing good here. Jake went to prom and had a fun time. And we are all just counting the days till summer. Be safe and we cant wait to hear more! Love you so much!

  2. This sounds great Caitlin! Sounds like you are having such a great time. :) It's so cool that you are doing this, and I know that the people in Ghana are blessed and happy to have you! Keep working hard, but... be safe. I agree with your mom, don't get in that guys way, I don't want him to hurt you, or else I would have to fly all the way over there and kick his butt!! HAHA.. JK. But just be careful! Keep having lots of fun. I Love your blog!
    ~ Bob :)