Monday, May 21, 2012

More beautiful children!! These are kids at Kokrobite (koe-crow-bee-tay). They really liked my camera and wanted picture after picture with us.
This is the beach at Kokrobite. These boats are fishing boats  they use to catch fish. It is amazing.
This is a Tro Station. You walk through and yell out where you need to go and a man takes you by the hand and leads to the right tro. It is insane! But some of the craziest things happen at the station. Kids are begging you for money, some grabbing onto you and your purse. People are fighting, others yelling for us to buy things. It is so cool.
This week has been a great week. We had to say goodbye to three of our volunteers who started with us. I miss them soooo much. The night before they left, we had a party with all the kids. We had Egypt (our dance instructor) come and play drums with his friends so we could perform an African dance  that we learned for all the kids. They went wild when we started to dance. It was so neat. We all watched the older girls dance after and they were amazing! It was an incredible moment where we enjoyed all the kids and they enjoyed us. The music and laughter was so overwhelming. It made me so happy. More to come!


  1. Looks and sounds like you're in a wonderful place. Glad to hear that you're enjoying what you're doing. Keep smiling and take good care of yourself.

    Be safe,
    Uncle Bryan

  2. Caitlin, I'm so happy that you are having so much fun! I love to hear all these stories, they make me smile :). I hope you are having the time of your life! Lets hang out when you get back ok? I would love to hear more about everything. So cool :)
    See you soon.
    ~ Bob :)